Friday, June 3, 2011

New Blog!

Hello Everyone! Just want to let you all know that you can find me over at my new blog, Pink Lemonade, blogging with my best friend Ashley.

*Also, look for the launch of my personal health & fitness blog, Bust yo' Booty, coming soon!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Matchbook Magazine: March 2011 Issue

One of my new favorite online magazines is the newbie, Matchbook Magazine. It is full of new designers, classic icons, and travel destinations. This month's new issue is a must read. Head on over to Matchbook.

{all images via matchbook}

Mom's Creation

With a box full of fun fabrics, velcro, and buttons, my mom made me this.

Not bad for her first try, eh?

She's even got all my girlfriends from church wanting one!


Got to love fun headbands!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Shopping & Fashion!

Yesterday, my mom and I decided to take a trip up to Palo Alto for some fun shopping. We were going to go to our favorite restaurant, Max's, for their delicious corn beef sandwhiches, but they were closed! UGH. But, we went to a cute little diner instead. We made our way to our favorite stores, Bloomingdales, Free People, J. Crew, and Kate Spade. Here's what I was wearing...

Here's what I purchased:

{I have been eyeing this beauty for a while now. $65 well spent. I love it!}

{picked up this beautiful pinky peach color from J.Crew :)}

{It's a pinkish purple color and I love it. Saw Taylor wearing it from Sterling Style and had to buy it :)}

We finished off our day with a delicious cupcake from Sprinkles. YUM.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Friday, February 25, 2011

Feature Friday #4 - Kristine's Bedroom

You may remember Kristine from here. She is the mastermind behind all my model shots. I am so excited to feature her bedroom for Feature Friday. She is just plain genius. A woman with an insanely creative mind. {just the person I like to be around!} Check out her clean, organized, and vintage bedroom :).

{click pictures for larger image}

Note from Kristine: Pretty much everything in my room has been touched or altered someway because thats just how I roll! My bedding is from Target and thats where the whole room started. I painted the walls the same color as my favorite fuzzy blanket, also from Target. Everything else is probably from TJ Maxx or Target also, or thrift stores. I painted the white candlesticks. Made the shelf above my window and all those pictures are my dark room developments from my first semester of black and white photography. I got both my bed and my dresser for free off craigslist and sanded and painted both to my liking. The boards, I got one for free and paid $4 for the other. They both have black posterboard over the cork and ribbon on the edges. Straight pins or blue colored push pins hold everything up and in place. The scarves are strung onto regular plastic hangers mounted upside down on strong pushpins so I can remove them whenever! Thanks for featuring me love thats so sweet!

Thanks for letting me feature your lovely bedroom, Kristine!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
I'm off to Borders for their 50% off sale!

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Blog Header!

Thanks to the wonderful Debby from Inspired Design, I have a new custom blog header! And get this, because I am a poor college student, she was kind enough to do it for me, for free! What an amazing woman. It's been so great getting to know you Debby!

Please Please check out Debby's blog {it's amazing}. One of my daily reads! And make sure to go to the tab at the top "boutique" to purchase your own custom blog header! Enjoy!

Thanks again Debby! You're the best!

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vogue Wall Art

I came across this picture today and thought wow, what a great do-it-yourself-idea! Cut off the cover of all your fabulous Vogue magazines and put them in a beautiful frame, like this gold-plated one for beautiful & stunning wall-art!

{just may be my next project!}


Monday, February 21, 2011

First Pair

I finally joined the Toms club. I keep seeing everyone around campus with a pair of these lovely shoes, and have not stopped hearing how comfy they are. So I gave in. Here is the pair I purchased :)

Aren't they cute? They say "love is the new black" :) 
 && they are 100% Vegan!

yay for new shoes,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Friday, February 18, 2011

Feature Friday #3

Sorry this is so late today, finally got home from a long long day. But better late than never! :)

Today I am featuring one of my bestest friend's bedroom. Ashley and I have been friends for a few years now and are small group leaders together for junior high staff :) We have way too much fun.
What I love about Ashley is she is amazingly creative. She is currently in school for fashion merchandising and design! You should see her amazing. But she is also amazingly creative when it comes to re-using and re-creating. Here are some pictures of her "travel inspired" bedroom :)

She took old window shutters and spray painted them! Who needs a headboard anyway ;)
She also took clothes pins and hung old vintage postcards :)
Organized and beautiful! And what a great space to hold her TV :)

Thanks Ash for letting me feature your room! Love ya girl <3

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Addicted to...

One of my new favorite shows on HGTV is Selling New York. For one, my mom is a real estate agent, so I actually know what they are talking about! :) and Two, the homes they show just make me want to live in New York all the more. I think what I love the most about New York {besides the shopping} are the views from the lofts/apartments. And, something NY seems to have that cali doesn't, are huge windows that look over the entire town. I would love nothing more than to put my desk right in the window and just people watch {would make homework much more interesting}! My goal: to one day live in New York, even if it's only for a month or two :)

What's your dream place to live?

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

P.S. I made this...

I was very delighted to have yet another surprise gift in the mail today. But this time it wasn't from my aunt. It was from her boyfriend :) Him and my aunt were shopping at Urban Outfitters and he came across this book and just had to buy it for me. Little did he know that I've wanted it for a while...:)

Love this book! Tons and tons of diy fashion ideas. Erica Domesek is awesome! She is amazingly creative.

check her out over at P.S. I made this...

Hope everyone had a beautiful & dry Wednesday!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I'm Wearing...

Just a casual Thursday...

Dress: Free People
Jean Jacket: Anchor Blue
Flats: Payless
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Fabulous Headboard

I came across this image last night and fell in love with this headboard. What an out-of-the-box idea!

What do you think??

Hope you all have a happy Thursday! I only have one class today & then bible study tonight with my best girlfriends :)

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Current Obsession: Humanity Bracelets

So a couple months ago, my good friend Lauren & I made our way to Santana Row for some fun shopping. We came across this adorable new store called Jest Jewels. Love! They have tons and tons of jewelery, fun little things, handbags, etc. AND we found Humanity Bracelets for get this - $20! So cheap! Usually they go for about $45, so we had to get them :) And what's even awesomer {is that a word?} 25% of every bracelet purchased goes to buying baby formula for the orphans in Haiti :) Amen to that. Check out Jest Jewels website and have fun looking around :)

Aren't they adorable? I wear mine all the time...

Lauren & Mine's Humanity Bracelets which we made our friendship bracelets :)
Oh, and like our white watches? ;) Mine (on the right) is Michael Kors. Love it!

Peace Love & Humanity


I woke up this morning to find a little present on my doorstep...

Thank you Aunt Kia! You know me so well :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Lavender Love

I love the color lavender. Lavender is proven to be a stress-reliever, which is why they use it to massage your legs & feet when getting a pedicure :) It's so soothing, not only to the body, but soothing on the eyes as well! I even want lavender to be in my color theme for my wedding!

Now for some lavender love...

{My favorite OPI nail color (which I'm currently wearing) }: Lucky Lucky Lavender

Lavender Decor

{image via here}

{elle decor}

Lavender in your fashion & in your home

{image via here}

I don't know about you, but I just adore this color...
Hope you all had a beautiful Monday and are not too exhausted already {I know I am}!

P.S. changed back to my original header...i like it better... :P

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Blog Header

I created a new blog header. Yay or Nay?
Let me know!

I'm off to babysitting! :)

Leaving you with words of wisdom....


Friday, February 4, 2011

Feature Friday #2 & Giveaway Winner!

Today is Feature Friday! Woot Woot! Sorry this post is so late. I had my first ice skating class this morning! :) {warning: bruises included}
For today's post, I decided to feature yours truly!
I will be showing off my diy nightstand & my wall curtains :)

Yes, my room is very pink. But hey I like the color, what can I say!
There have been some changes to my room, that of which I will feature on a later post :)

Questions on how I did it? Let me know!

Now, for the cross giveaway...

Yay Michelle!!! I will be emailing you shortly!

Thank you to everyone who follows me!
Have a lovely Friday!

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fashion Love!

One of my all-time favorite boutiques is Francesca's Collection. Not only do they have absolutely adorable clothes, but they have purses, jewelery, shoes, home decor, and little knick knacks to bring anyone a smile. It's like Anthropologie but cheaper! Here's some of my favorite things :)

{images via here}