Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh the beauty of arts & crafts...

So, this last week I've had a sudden erge to paint! Michaels has become my new bff. I went the other day and bought a bunch of scrapbook paper. I figured I could use it for something! So, I created a few collages for my best girlfriends for Christmas, with some photos of us, and put it in a nice black frame. Got a pack of 4 8x10 frames for $20 & a pack of 3 canvases for only $3! Bought some paint brushes, which was must needed...and some paint colors to get me started! && Bought myself a wooden "L" to decorate for my room :) Here's some of the stuff I've created...

Ready to get started!

Loved this paper...

Got to love Paris paper!

Decided to use some lyrics from one of my favorite songs by The Hank Murphy Band. Took the letters I bought, painted the back and pressed them on! Took a little time retouching everything, but I think it turned out pretty good :) Added some pink sparkle paint on top of the black to add some pizazz!

Got this idea from Check out her blog :)

(Kinda hard to see with the glare) but I took one of the frames I bought, along with the paper and scrapbook letters, and put the words to one of my favorite songs "Que Sera Sera" :) I also put in an eiffle tower ornament one of my good friends got me for x-mas!

AND one more thing....
for all those sharks fans out there, this is for you!

Painted this for my brother (the BIGGEST sharks fan) for his room :)

Had my mom (the most amazing artist ever) draw the logo for me...

&& then I finished painting it with absolute precision...

Got to love painting, so relaxing && oh so therapeutic...

That's all for today!
Peace Love & All things Creative


  1. What an adorable blog, Lauren! I'm so excited to follow you and your craftiness (: Thanks for the shout out, too! I'll put your blog name under my "Blog Love" section on my side bar. I also added your blog under my "Star Struck" page at the top since you mentioned mine (:
    Your word art turned out so cute...I love it! I cannot leave Michael's without either buying paint, paper, stickers, stencils, canvases or ribbon. Ha! It's so fun. Welcome to blogland (:

  2. Lauren we have like the exact same taste in things! We love vintage, art and crafts and writing!

  3. Katie! I didn't know you had a blog :) How fun! Oh my gosh, that's so funny. I LOVE LOVE vintage stuff :)


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