Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorite Products, Makeup, & The Like of 2010

I'm the kind of person who loves to try out every kind of face wash, shampoo, foundation, concealers, etc. to find the best of the best. Through much research & trial and error (not to mention wasted money), I've come across the most amazing skincare products, the glamest mascaras, and the best hair products. Here are my favorite picks :)

Best Shampoos: L'oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care Shampoo &  Conditioner

If you have colored hair, this is a must for you! It provides rich moisture along with great color protection. Not to mention it's sulfate-free, so it won't harm your hair.

Kerastase Resistance Bain Age Recharge Shampoo

Kerastase is one of the best hair care products out there. It is quite pricey, so I only use it a couple times a month. But it makes my hair super clean & fresh, not to mention silky and healthy.

Best Conditioner: Paul Mitchell "The Detangler"

With my hair getting longer, it has gotten incredibly tangley. I would spend 20-30 minutes after the shower, just trying to brush the knots out of my hair. But then I found this amazing conditioner & it saved me. It is a must-have for anyone with long, tangely hair.

Best Face Wash & Moisturizer: Estee Lauder Sparkling Clean Purifying Mud Foam Cleanser & Estee Lauder Clear Difference Oil Control Hydrator

This is the most amazing face wash I've found. If you have oily or acne prone skin, this is a must for you. I used it for two days, and my face has already cleared up. Estee Lauder offers many different face washes for dry, sensitive, or normal skin as well.

I use this moisturizer combined with the face wash and an oil control lotion (estee lauder), to leave me with perfectly clean, acne-free skin! And if your looking for an age-rewinding moisturizer, Estee Lauder has tons to choose from!

Best Under Eye Creams: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream & Philosophy Eye Hope Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Been using this for years. Takes away puffiness, redness, and fine lines.

Recently got a free sample of this & I must say, it is amazing. It moisturizes & brightens the undereye. LOVE.

Best Eye Makeup Remover: Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Lotion

I've tried many oil based eye makeup removers and it just leaves my eyes oily and greasy. But I came across this lotion eye makeup remover and it is so hydrating! It takes away even the toughest waterproof mascaras in just a few swipes. I recommend it to everyone!

Best Under Eye Concealer: CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer

Both me and my mom use this as our undereye concealer. It covers beautifully and moisturizes at the same time with the olay anti-aging serum.

Best All-Around Concealer: Laura Geller The Real Deal Concealer
This is the best concealer I've ever used. It covers every little imperfection flawlessly.

Best Foundation & Powder: Sue Devitt 70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation & Sue Devitt Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder

(My Christmas present) Sue Devitt's Foundation and Powder is made from 70% water, seaweed, and vitamin C. It is oil-free and very lightweight on the face but still gives serious coverage.

Best Eye Brow Correctors: Urban Decay Brow Box & Benefit Istant Eye Brow
My absolute favorite eye brow correctors :)

Best Mascara: Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash
It's always hard for me to find a mascara that thickens, lengthens, and volumizes my lashes without clumping and smudging underneath. This mascara is amazing. Definitly worth the price.

Best Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline in BlackTrack

This cream eyeliner is amazing. Glides on like butter & stays all day long. But I do recommend getting an angle brush for the best line :)

These are only some of my favorite makeup and products from 2010. What are yours? Mail me & Let me know So I can try them too :)

Sincerely Yours,
Peace Love & All Things Creative


  1. I will have to try that eye makeup remover... no matter how many times I swipe I still have residue. I got a Clarisonic face brush for Christmas... expensive but AMAZING! I am now your newest follower! Happy New Year! xo

  2. I guarentee you will love this eye makeup remover! Thanks for following me!! :)

  3. Some of these I already love like the loreal shampoo, but some of these I have not tried and they are definitely going on my list shopping list!


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